Easy, Healthy, Vegetable Recipes

Here are lots of easy, healthy, vegetable recipes to choose from.

They variety and color to our meals, provide valuable nutrition and fiber too.

Some feature one vegetable in the spotlight, and others are a mix of two, three or more.

Do you own a spiralizer yet? Get one. They are not expensive, very easy to use and clean. And pick up a recipe book for spiraled vegetables too (also called zoodles), there are a bunch of great books in print. 

Some of my favorite zoodle creations lately:

- Zucchini noodles and topped with ground chicken & tomato sauce

- Yellow squash zoodles barely simmered with snap peas, pepper strips and fresh basil in thai spiced coconut milk

- Cold marinated zoodle salad dressed with olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs, add a can of tuna or some cold baked salmon for a one dish meal!

I use my spiralizer a couple times a week for myself and make fun vegetable recipes for my clients too.

Here are a couple of the top selling models from Amazon. It's an inexpensive way to get creative with "the same old vegetables".

easy, healthy, low carb vegetable recipes

A side dish featuring a single vegetable, such as Grilled Asparagus, or Italian Baked Cauliflower With Lemon, can make a beautiful and elegant presentation.

Other times, you’ll enjoy a wider variety of colors, flavors and nutrients by serving a mixed vegetable dish.

If you've been looking for healthy recipes, or maybe you need inspiration for an easy vegetable to serve as a side dish with your main course…

Whatever your quest may be, you will find some great ideas here. Some make good appetizers, and some are perfect as a side dish. Others are rich enough that you can serve them as a light meal.

They’re all suitable for a candida elimination diet. 

These are some of my most requested vegetable recipes. Some take a bit more preparation and cooking time than others, but most are quite easy, and all of them are very healthy.

Let me know which ones become your new favorites.

Grilled Vegetables

Oven Roasted Vegetables

Italian Vegetables

Stir Fry Vegetables

Indian Vegetables

Vegetable Casseroles

Steamed Vegetables

Homemade Vegetable Soups

Vegetable Salads

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