What about ThreeLac?

What about Threelac?

ThreeLac is a lemony-tasting powder made with three different probiotics and is designed to help restabilize your healthy gut flora, which get overrun when candida grows out of control.

It also contains B vitamins and Vitamin C. It was developed in Japan and brought to the North American marketplace in 2002.

I've never tried it, but I have heard from many a reader over the past few years that they've gotten good results with it, along with sticking to the candida diet as best they can.

What I like about it is that it's made from natural ingredients - no scary pharmaceuticals.

Their claim to fame is that you don't have to worry if you "slip up" and have some chocolate cake or a mac-n-cheese dinner while following a candida diet, because their product is doing its daily work to keep the candida in check. Tempting, I must admit, but we all know better than to rely solely on probiotics to make up for bad dietary choices.

From the company:

Our ThreeLac probiotic is teaming with unique probiotics specially selected to pass through the stomach acid and “target” Candida yeast in its home base in the digestive tract. ThreeLac™ comes in powdery form, 60 foil packets to a box. You take 2 or more packets a day for therapeutic Candida Cleansing. Then one packet a day after that to defend against your Candida coming back.

They offer other products, including oxygen therapy, digestive enzymes and coral calcium, to name a few. There's also something called Fivelac from the same company, which is a blend of five different probiotic strains.

They also offer a 60 day trial with a money back guarantee, which, to my mind, is a pretty safe way to try a product and see if you like what it does for you.

If you are currently taking it or have taken it in the past I'd love to hear your results. Help future readers make educated decisions.

There's nothing wring with using some supplemental help, especially in the beginning, if you feel you need it. This may be just the thing to jumpstart your healing process.

If you do choose to take it to help your body regain its natural balance, please do make the effort to eat a nutrient rich diet, and consider doing some gentle detox too.

Continue to carve out a healthier lifestyle. Start eating more real foods, less junk foods. Work on reducing stress and increasing chances for rest, rejuvenation and testing your self well overall.

Use Threelac as a supplement to, not as a replacement for,
a diet rich in nutrients.

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