Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is also called Melaleuca Oil.

Used for many forms of body care.

It works wonders for psoriasis.

You'll find it added to soap for face and skin care.

It has been shown to effectively treat acne, blackheads and sebhorrheic dermatitis.

You can find it in shampoos to treat dandruff.

More On The Many Healing Uses For Tea Tree Oil

This fragrant melaleuca oil is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. Use it to treat scrapes, cuts, burns and insect bites.

It treats many types of infections, including: yeast, nail fungus, warts, ringworm, athlete's foot, lice, mites, scabies.

It helps keep mosquitos at bay.

People use melaleuca oil for its anti-inflammatory effect, as a disinfectant, and a topical analgesic. It penetrates deep into the layers of the skin, which really helps with the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Wounds treated with this oil have been shown to heal faster than left alone.

Apply this oil to cold sores when you first feel them coming on. It penetrates the skin quickly, attacking the virus that causes the cold sores to erupt, helping diminish the full blown effects of the painful cold sore "blooming" and scabbing over. Do not stop taking your antiviral medication for the cold sore, but do add topically applied melaleuca oil to your regimen each time you feel one coming on.

It also works as an expectorant.

You can do a steam treatment by putting boiling water in a heat-safe bowl or pot, adding a few drops of the oil, and draping a towel over your head while you inhale the steam. It feels great for head colds and chest colds alike.

To treat a vaginal yeast infection you can gently melt 1 oz virgin coconut oil to liquid form and then add 4-5 drops tea tee oil to that, mix well and soak a small organic cotton tampon in the oil. Insert tampon for 3 - 4 hours, and do this twice a day. 

Diluted, it's used as a mouthwash to fight bad breath, and has amazing results in helping heal oral candidiasis.

It's also added to toothpaste to fight plaque and keep gums healthy. You can even do this yourself! Just add a drop on top of your own toothpaste before you start brushing.

I always have a bottle of it in the cupboard.

It's an effective treatment for yeast infections

Tea Tree Oil for Acne and Psoriasis

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