Sauna Benefit For Detox

Sauna Benefit for Detox

Our skin is our largest eliminative organ.

Sweating is a way of eliminating toxins.

A large portion of today's population does not sweat regularly, due to our sedentary lifestyles. A sauna helps facilitate sweating, without the vigorous exercise.

Sauna Benefit

Regular use of a sauna aids elimination through the skin. Toxins (chemicals, metals, etc.) are eliminated faster, in a safe way.

Think of all the things which affect our skin every day - lotions, soaps, deodorants, not to mention pollutants in the air and chemicals in our tap water.

When we heat the body to a higher temperature, metabolic processes increase as well. When the energy production of each cell increases, there is a greater chance for healing.

As tissues heat up, metabolic processes of each and every cell are enhanced. That's why we get fevers during certain illnesses.

A fever is the body's own way of facilitating healing on a cellular level. A higher body temperature causes infections to heal more rapidly by aiding the body's own immune functions.

Fever therapy, or sauna therapy, has demonstrated positive healing effects for numerous diseases - including viral infections and even some cancerous tumors.

Benefits of this kind of hot therapy include enhanced circulation, which brings more oxygen to the tissues.

Saunas also help nasal passages to open, which can aid in sinus drainage.

How To Maximize Your Sauna Benefit

Many people are opting to invest in a compact home sauna. These are portable, and don't take up much space at all. Purchasing one for use at home is quite an economical and practical way to enjoy the cleansing and detox sauna benefits from the comfort of your own home.

Dry saunas are best, in my opinion. Steam saunas are harder to tolerate than dry saunas, the hot steam causing feelings of claustrophobia.

Steam baths and hot tubs (especially when used by multiple people such as in a health club or gym environment) provide more chance of contracting other infections such as bacterial folliculitis (also commonly known as "hot tub folliculitis"), and even more serious illnesses such as staph infections. The bacteria that cause these infections thrive in wet and moist environments. 

While using a dry sauna, such as an infrared sauna, follow these simple steps for maximum benefits.

Follow the directions that come with your portable home sauna. Start slowly and at a lower temperature (maybe 10 minutes at 102 F or 103 F degrees ), and work your way up to longer times and hotter temps (not exceeding 30 minutes and not hotter than 110 F degrees at your highest tolerance).

Avoid using the sauna when you are seriously/violently ill, or if you have a fever. Again, read all the instructions that come with it, and follow the advice provided for your safety.

After each sauna:

Rinse off in a cool or luke warm (not hot) shower.

Don't use soap, as it can clog the pores. Instead use a clean wash cloth to help remove the sweat from your skin.

Drink some water and lie down for a few minutes, or at least sit still for ten minutes or so.

Remember that sweating causes loss of minerals, so make sure you are taking high quality sea salt in your daily foods, and you may like to add some kelp (capsules, powder, or flakes to sprinkle into foods) as well.

While saunas are a part of a well rounded health and detox regimen, it's also important to keep in mind that there's more than sauna treatments involved in a good detox program.

So, lastly, to get the most out of your sauna benefit, eat well, sleep well, and, if possible, get some moderate to vigorous exercise on a regular basis to maintain heart health (if you're physically unable to exercise - at least do some conscious deep breathing exercises)!

Regular and responsible use will help you make the most of your sauna benefits.

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