Probiotics Side Effects

Probiotics Side Effects

Taking probiotics is a popular way to supplement a candida diet, because probiotics help restore healthy gut flora, which are all out of whack when the body is in a state of candidiasis.

Most folks are not going to get negative side effects from taking probiotics. Some people might experience gas and bloating for a few days as the body's gut flora get used to the new neighbors moving in.

What we see with candida overgrowth is that the gut flora has been out of balance for a while, so if you are confirmed with candidiasis, expect some gas and bloating when you first begin a probity regimen.

Probiotic Side Effects

Some people get sleep disturbances when they take probiotics at night. When you begin new probiotics take them in the daytime, before a meal, not at night on an empty stomach before bed. 

Other than that probiotics are beneficial and there is no need to worry about harmful side effects.

Probiotics are living microscopic bacteria, like those found in yogurt, which normally populate the intestines of healthy animals.

Candida is another microscopic organism, actually a fungus, which can grow out of control due to a number of factors; taking antibiotics, a poor diet, stress, among others.

When candida grows out of control, the healthy bacterial populations in the intestines get crowded out.

Restoring ideal levels of gut flora is imperative for regaining health. Much of our immune function depends on these proper levels of bacteria in the gut.

For treating candida, (along with a good diet) you can take a probiotic supplement found at the health food store, there's many to choose from. Ask a qualified sales associate or the manager to help you make a good purchase decision.

There are also probiotic foods which make a great addition to a candida diet, or any cleansing, immune boosting diet. They can also cause the same side effects as probiotic supplements.

Start with small amounts, such as a tablespoon during your morning meal (kim chi goes great with eggs) and work up to larger quantities as your body gets used to the live cultures in these foods. 

Probiotics Side Effects

Any side effects you may experience from taking probiotics are minimal compared to the benefit they can provide in helping restore balance to a disrupted intestinal ecosystem. They will be temporary. As you eat more real foods and ditch the processed, refined, unhealthy fake foods your body will begin to get better and you will begin to feel better.

Probiotic Foods

Probiotics Side Effects - Don't forget a good diet too!

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