Olive Leaf Extract Candida Remedy?

Olive Leaf Extract Candida Remedy - Does it Work?

Olive Leaf Extract is not going to cure candida overgrowth by itself, though it is a good item to have on hand. Make sure you treat the underlying causes of candida overgrowth including reducing stress level and making dietary modifications that will not only help clear up candida but will be the foundation for a healthy way of eating from now on.

Olive Leaf Extract Candida Remedy - How is it beneficial?

The potent element in olive leaf extract is the bitter "oleuropein", which helps protect the olive tree from harmful invaders.

This bitter element is also found in olive oil and certainly in the fruits of the olive tree - which is why we cure olives before eating them. If you've ever tried to eat an olive straight from the tree you know what I'm talking about.

Two natural enzemes in the body, called esteraize and beta-glucosidase - convert oleuropein to elolenic acid, which helps strengthen the immune system.

Many folks who know the benefits of herbs take olive leaf powder, made from whole olive leaves, to benefit the cardiovascular system, and the immune system. Olive leaves are naturally astringent and antiseptic.

When brewed as a tea, it has a unique and distinctive flavor (caffeine free). 

The tea has been used for thousands of years to lower fevers, and poultices made from olive leaves are among the oldest therapies for infections of the skin.

It's great for healthy skin, have you ever tried a soap or lotion made with olive leaves? 

Taking it as a supplement is good for detoxification.

The leaves of olive trees are thought by some to have more antioxidant power than green tea!

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Olive Leaf Extract Candida Remedy - What else is it good for?

Since 1995, when it became available to medical practitioners, olive leaf extract has been used to combat bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and protozoa.

Positive results have been shown for the following ailments, including but not limited to: Herpes, Tinea, Botulism, Chlamydia, the common cold, Influenza, Conjunctivitis, Diarrheah, ear infections, E Coli, Hepatitis A & B, Shingles, Salmonella, Strep Throat, Staph Infection,Yeast Infection, Systemic Candida and food poisoning.

The Egyptians may have been the first culture to use olive leaf in a practical way - by extracting the oil from olive leaves and using it in the mummification process.

In the mid 1800's a tincture of olive leaf was being used in England to treat fevers and malaria contracted in tropical regions which had been colonized by the British. The tincture was made by boiling the leaves in water.

More recent research, in the 1960's, showed olive leaf extract to improve blood flow to the heart and also to help normalize arrythmias.

This is also when more scientific studies were done demonstrating its effect against viruses, by inhibiting the ability of virus microorganisms to reproduce. It was reported to be effective against every virus the scientists experimented with.

Olive Leaf Extract Candida Remedy
What about Olive Leaf Side Effects?

Make sure you talk to your health care practitioner about any prescription drugs you are taking and how they may interact with olive leaf  -

(or any other herbal supplement for that matter).

The only known side effect from taking olive leaf or olive leaf extract is what is called the Herxheimer Reaction , also called "die-off". 

It's the body's response to a rapid killing off of pathenogenic microorganisms, which releases toxins into the system, making you feel worse before you feel better. 

Not everyone experiences side effects, but it can happen, and feels pretty crappy while you're going through it. 

You can feel headache, nausea or upset stomach, dizziness, spaced out or 'brain-fog'.

Many times someone will interpret these symptoms as a sign that they're getting worse. But it's actually a symptom of good things to come.

If you do experience this, drink more water to help flush out the toxins.  

Or take an epsom salt bath. Or take a nap.

Take some extra vitamin C complex, it can also help.

You can reduce the olive leaf dosage for a few days as well before continuing on with the recommended dose.

Also, look into natural detox to help flush things out quicker.

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