Natural Cures For Yeast Infections

Natural Cures for Yeast Infections

The most helpful thing you can do right away is to cut out sweets (including sweet fruits and fruit juices), fried foods, refined grain products (white flour products, white rice, and a plethora of packaged foods).

A number of readers get great relief from this homeopathic remedy.

If you don't have the patience to let the dietary changes take effect - it's understandable, yeast infections are notoriously uncomfortable - these natural products and techniques can help you get more immediate relief.

Helping the body detox

Apple cider vinegar

Tea Tree Oil

Pau D'Arco Tea

Clove oil and clove tea

Probiotics (yes - the opposite of antibiotics) are made from living strains of microflora which help to crowd out candida while restoring proper balance in the intestines.

Probiotics are frequently recommended after taking antibiotics, doesn't that make sense? Antibiotics kill living organisms, and probiotics are living organisms! These products are often referred to as "acidophilus", but there are many more strains besides just acidophilus (bifidus, for example is another important one). Choose a combination of strains in one product for a more well rounded approach to restoring instestinal balance.

High quality yogurt is rich in probiotic cultures, which is what makes it such a soothing and effective topical treatment for yeast infections. Not only is it cooling to a tender, inflamed area, but the live cultures actually help restore the natural balance which has been disrupted, allowing candida yeasts to proliferate.

Raw fermented veggies are not only tasty, but also contain these health-promoting probiotic cultures. These veggies are fermented by lacto-bacillus bacteria, and are the original, traditionally produced versions of foods like sour pickles, saurkraut and kim chi. There's a new boom in raw, traditionally fermented veggies, you'll find plenty of interesting varieties and combinations to try. Ask at your local health food store, and also at your local farmers market.

More on probiotics

Peruse this site and you'll find a lot of information on all of these *supplemental* natural cures for yeast infection, but always remember -
the diet is key, and will make any other treatment much more effective.

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