A Natural Cure For Candida Should Include Coconut Oil.

Caprylic acid has been used for years as part of an effective natural cure for candida, and happens to be one of the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil.

It's reported to be especially helpful for people who suffer adverse reactions to pharmaceutical antifungal drugs. But doesn't it kind of make sense that everyone is better off avoiding the pharmaceutical treatments commonly prescribed in favor of a natural cure for candida whenever possible? Yes! Thank you.

coconut oil, a natural cure for candida

Two other fatty acids found in coconut oil, capric acid and lauric acid (the same medium chain fatty acid found in mother’s milk), each play their own role, too.

Capric acid and lauric acid work in conjunction with caprylic acid creating a more “full spectrum” approach to killing off excess candida yeast.

The best natural cure is a proper diet and making healthy lifestyle choices, including coconut oil.

When starting a candida diet, start with small doses of pure coconut oil. Eat it along with other foods instead of on an empty stomach.

Eating too much all at once (as in - trying to kill a bunch of candida yeast with a coconut oil bomb) can cause what is known as a 'Herxheimer reaction', or a 'healing crisis', or 'die-off symptoms'.

The healing crisis (Herxheimer reaction, die-off) is caused by the rapid killing of these microorganisms and subsequent absorption of large quantities of yeast toxins. That’s where the term “die off” comes from.

Taking too large a dose of any anti-fungal food (coconut oil, cloves, fresh garlic, etc.) can cause die-off symptoms. It means you may feel worse before you feel better. Not everyone experiences die-off reactions. It depends on the individual’s constitution and the level of candida overgrowth.

Try one teaspoon of coconut oil, added to your food (melt it over steamed vegetables with a sprinkle of sea salt, or stir into a warm bowl of soup). Work your way up to a couple of tablespoons per day as a natural remedy for candida.

Coconut oil is a part of a natural cure
for candida symptoms.

Use coconut oil as part of an effective natural cure for candida symptoms, including:

- vaginal yeast infection and vaginitis
- rectal itching
- skin erruptions including seborrheic dermatitis,
diaper rash, cradle cap and psoriasis
- thrush

coconut oil, a natural cure for candida albicans

Simply apply virgin coconut oil to the affected area of the body. The coconut oil provides a soothing relief.

For thrush (thrush is an oral yeast infection seen as a white coating on the tongue),
swish a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in your mouth for two minutes and spit it out. Do this frequently throughout the day.

For infants with thrush, you can give them small amounts of virgin coconut oil throughout the day, it's perfectly safe.

A complete natural cure for candida begins with a healthy diet of low sugar foods, with added probiotics and antifungal foods for an extra boost.

All of these varieties are made from pure coconut:

- Fresh Coconut
- Fresh Coconut Water (contains some sugars so avoid during acute candida overgrowth)
- Coconut Milk
- Coconut Cream
- Creamed Coconut (solid)
- Dried, Shredded or Flaked Coconut
- Coconut Flour

A natural cure for candida will be more than just eating some  coconut oil with a daily meal, but nonetheless, adding coconut oil to your pantry is a healthy choice.

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