How To Open A Coconut

Here are my methods for how to open a coconut.

How to open a young green coconut

Opening young green coconuts takes some work, but it's relatively easy.

Use a small sharp knife to cut away the portion of the top of the coconut until you reach the brown fibrous material beneath.

Cut the white away all around the top until you have exposed the brown fibrous part and all white material is gone. Use a hard object if necessary to help insert the small sharp knife into the brown fibrous part and using sensible hand motions work the knife around in a circle, until you have cut a hole around the top of the coconut.

Insert a straw and drink that coconut water fresh. Then use a spoon to scoop out the soft flesh inside.

How to open a coconut
(the hard, brown, kind)

how to open a coconut

Most methods of opening a mature brown coconut require using a large cleaver or sharp knife. Use common sense and be careful.

I have a method of opening a coconut using scissors or a screwdriver and a brick or heavy rock. With a little practice it's pretty easy to become a pro at opening a coconut. 

it's worth the effort. 

You’ll need:

- a hard brown coconut

- large old-school metal scissors or screwdriver

- a fine mesh strainer

- 2 cups or bowls

- a brick or similar sized stone or equally heavy, non-breakable object such as a cast iron pan

- a hard surface such as a cement floor

- a bag which you don’t mind getting a little dirty (washable canvas shopping bags are an environmentally friendly option, or keep some extra paper or plastic bags around).

Okay, ready? 

1) Use the scissor or screwdriver to carve holes into two of the eyes of the

coconut. Two are usually penetrable, and one is totally solid.

2) Drain the coconut water into the first cup or bowl. Use the strainer over the second bowl and pour the coconut water through to strain out debris. Drink it fresh!

3) Now, wrap the coconut in the bag, and lay it on the hard surface. Hit the coconut quite hard with the brick until it cracks open. Then, you can use the same method to crack the larger pieces into smaller bits.

4) Separate the coconut meat from the hard outer shell (sometimes it separates easily, or you can use a small knife with a flexible blade to help wedge them apart).

5) Peel the thin brown skin off the white part of the coconut (optional, but I recommend taking the extra time to do it, it can start to discolor the lovely white coconut meat if you plan to store some of it for a couple of days in the fridge).

5) Rinse the coconut and enjoy.

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