An Easy, Safe, Home Colon Cleanse 

The Salt Water Cleanse / Salt Water Flush

A home colon cleanse can help jumpstart a return to good health. Not everyone needs to do this but for some it will be helpful.

Why? Think of a vacuum cleaner filter.

If the filter is layered and clogged with old residue it won’t be very effective in our spring cleaning efforts.

Or, think about hair care. We start with a good vigorous shampoo & rinse before applying conditioners - “Lather, rinse, and repeat as necessary”.

Working with the digestive system can be thought of in the same way. It’s sometimes necessary to "cleanse the pipes" of buildup and residue, and to get them working properly in preparation for receiving and utilizing all of this good food!

home colon cleanse

A healthy digestive tract is a step on the road back to vibrant health. If you want an easy, natural home colon cleanse this is it.

If you suffer from constipation, a colon cleanse, homemade or not, can help but first please make sure your body is ready for this step.

Begin by doing a plain water enema to get things moving. Alternatively, you could use an herbal laxative, such as senna tea (or other natural herbal laxative tea), for up to three days in a row, until the bowels have evacuated.

Use laxative herbs with proper caution, they can be powerful. Used wisely they can be a great help.

If laxative teas scare you, then consider these natural colon cleanse tablets, made from high quality ingredients by a reputable company, which I trust.

You may wish to try the easy home colon cleanse as outlined below.

It's called a salt water flush. This flush sends a solution of salt water rapidly through the intestines, carrying out excess waste and toxins with it. The body does not absorb the salt, it’s in a high enough concentration that it moves quickly through the intestines without absorbing through the cell walls.

The Salt Water Flush

homemade colon cleanse

Only do this flush if you feel prepared and confident to go through the experience.

Choose a day when you can stay at home and rest. 

First, be sure your intestines are ready. Have you evacuated the bowels in the last 12-24 hours? 

If not, read the previous paragraphs. Remember, there's no rush here. It took a while to get out of balance, it's okay to wait another day or two to get things in order.

If your intestines are ready, then you're ready for this second step of the home colon cleanse.

In the morning, before taking any foods, prepare the following:

1 quart (yup, 4 cups) of pure, quality drinking water


2 teaspoons good grey sea salt

and gently heat it like you would a pot of tea, stirring until the salt completely dissolves. The liquid should taste noticeably salty. Add a little more salt, if you need, to get a "very salty broth". Don't make it hot, that will make it hard to drink quickly. Warmish is good.

Over the course of the next 5 minutes drink the warm salt water as quickly as you can. I know, it's a lot of liquid! Just drink as much as you can. Buffer it with a touch lemon or lime juice if you have trouble with the salty taste. Add a bit of cayenne if you like. This is not supposed to taste good, it's supposed to taste salty. Try using a straw to drink it down more quickly.

Within the next hour be prepared... You may feel headachey, queasy, even nauseated - as the salt water draws out toxins and carries them through the intestines. or the first 30 minutes you can lie on your right side to help the water move through quicker. If you feel like you need to pass gas don't do it until you are sitting on a toilet. There will be more than gas that comes out. You'll begin to visit the bathroom frequently, as the solution moves through the body fairly quickly. Some people evacuate all of the salt water within an hour or two, for others it may take a few hours. 

For the rest of the day take it easy. 

Drink water. Have  pureed vegetable soups , fresh vegetable juices, lightly seasoned steamed vegetables with a dollop of pure coconut oil or butter, chopped salads. 

You will probably feel a good sense of increased energy and clear-headedness after doing this home colon cleanse. 

Enjoy it, take a walk or do some light exercise if you feel like it, but for the most part just let your body rest and rejuvenate. Catch up on your reading, or maybe even a nap!

Note that you can do this home colon cleanse about once a week for the first few weeks of making the dietary changes to help clear out excess yeast and other waste as your body begins its healing process.

You've completed a colon cleanse, whether homemade or using a pre-made product. What's next? 

Now you’re ready to begin the step-by-step approach to adopting an anti-candida eating plan.

Please buy fresh, local, sustainably produced foods whenever possible. The less we stray from nature, the easier it is for our bodies to recognize and utilize the foods we eat.

Again, if you're suffering from constipation, keep things moving on a daily basis by doing a plain water enema each morning, or, find a good, potent laxative tea or colon flush tablets, and let one of these methods help your body do its job temporarily. Hold off on doing the salt water flush until you are no longer constipated.

Soon, the healthy changes you’re making will take effect and your system will regulate itself, but meanwhile, remember the importance of keeping things moving as you ease into this new eating plan.

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