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Dark leafy greens, and any deep green colored plant foods, including green supplements, are some of the most concentrated source of nutrients in our diet

They provide a rich source of chlorophyll, minerals (including iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium) and vitamins, including vitamins K, C, E, many of the B vitamins including folates (folic acid), as well as a variety of phytonutrients.

Did you know that dark green leaves even contain small amounts of Omega 3 fats?

The USDA recommends a scant three cups of dark green vegetables (including leafy greens) per week. Unless you're on warfarin (Coumadin) and need to keep to a certain level of greens for your Vitamin K levels, you can eat more than that, at least one serving a day, either raw or cooked, whenever possible!

Greens can be delicious, you can enjoy your daily servings of those dark leafy greens in dishes like

green supplements

- a spinach salad

- steamed kale with zesty tahini sauce

- braised collard greens

- arugula and olives with lemon

- julienned black kale salad with olive oil and chili flakes

- garlicky dandelion greens with poached eggs and raw mayo

- adding a handful of fresh purslane leaves into your salad

- even adding fresh green herbs to your finished dishes

"Great, but I haven't developed my taste for dark leafy greens yet, and I'm not a salad eater.”

Making the transition away from a diet of processed, pre-packaged convenience foods and figuring out how to eat all these fresh veggies and greens can be daunting.

You might want to try a green powder drink, or a green supplement in capsule or tablet form - it's an easy place to start.

Green supplements are made from any combination of low-temperature dried ingredients like barley grass juice powder, alfalfa powder, spinach powder, chlorella, spirulina, and a host of other dark leafy greens and veggies.

A green drink? You just stir the powdered greens into water and drink it down. Most are quite mild in flavor.  Or you can get supplements in capsule form.

If you're okay eating some fruit, why not try making a green smoothie, such as pineapple and strawberry either with fresh greens or adding a green supplement powder to it? 

Thankfully, for those who don't care for the taste of dark green leaves, and for anyone who is short on time now and then (myself included), there are a variety of green supplements to help you get your daily dose.

For instance, consider Chlorella or Spirulina, both are incredibly rich in nutrients and chlorophyll.

More on Spirulina

More on Chlorella

Other supplements combine a variety of greens into one product, often named something like "super greens" or "mega greens".

Some of these are made purely from one type of greens, such as powdered greens like barley grass or wheatgrass.

One reader, Jeannette, wrote in - "What are your views on wheatgrass, pro or con?"

Hey Jeannette! Wheatgrass is gluten-free so that's a plus. Only the actual grain of the wheat plant contains the gluten - as long as the grass is cut off from the kernel and only the grass is consumed you will not be consuming gluten.

I love all kids of "weird foods" and I know my way around a wheat grass juicer from plenty of prior work experience, but the flavor of wheatgrass juice I just can't take. I have used powdered wheat grass, dried at very low temps, stirred into water though it is too gritty that way, very hard to drink. So I add to smoothies sometimes. I think it's fine to do as part of a cleanse if you like it, but in general humans aren't designed to eat grass ; )

There's also liquid chlorophyll, usually made from alfalfa, which is great to have around! It comes in a refreshing mint flavor, just mix it into a glass of water and sip it down. Great for treating bad breath, not only because of the mint, but because of the cleansing qualities of the chlorophyll.

If you're not a lover of eating greens, check out some high quality green supplements. There's plenty on the market to choose from!

I always do my best to make dark leafy greens palatable to even the most discerning of my private clients, but until everyone can enjoy preparing greens for themselves, it's good to have the option of taking high quality supplements.

Eat more greens, one way or another.

Celery and romaine lettuce are a good start, they're green right? And they're excellent foods. But let's expand our greens menu to include more of those dark leafys...

Your body will thank you.

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