Dual Action Cleanse - Good or Bad?

Dual Action Cleanse - Good or Bad?

Also called Dual Action Colon Cleanse, the Dual Action Cleanse is a popular product mostly due to its aggressive advertising.

You can find a number or testimonials online from "regular people" who say this product really works well for them. 

I have not tried it so I can't give my own report.

This products contains psyllium husks.

Psyllium expands in the intestines forming "bulk" and literally scrubbing its way through. It does work great for some people. 

Others may get constipated when taking psyllium due to the fact that it bulks up so much, making it difficult to pass. If you take anything with psyllium make sure you start with small doses and drink plenty of non-caffeinated liquids throughout the day.

Another ingredient to be mindful of is Cascara Sagrada, a natural herbal laxative. It's powerful, it really works, so well that it can cause cramping and discomfort.

I like to use flax seeds and chia seeds as part of my "stay regular" routine. They contain fats and have mucilaginous properties similar to aloe vera, in addition to providing fiber and bulk. I drink plenty of water and snack on homemade flax crackers almost every day. They're delicious, very satisfying, and also help keep a body regular. Stay tuned for my homemade recipe, which I'll be posting soon!

The opinion you will find me sharing throughout this site is that nothing is as important as a healthy, nutrient-packed diet rich in plant foods, healthy fats and high quality proteins, whether you're cleansing or going for general good health.

That said, I know we all live busy lives and sometimes it's hard to eat right every day and keep those stress levels in check. So, I do believe in a good cleanse now and then.

Dual Action Cleanse is just one product on the market in a long line of natural colon cleanse formulas. Do your own reading and look around at some of the other products too before purchasing the first one you find. 

And once again, one must stay hydrated to stay regular. Remember to drink plenty of pure, clean water every day. Even a mildly dehydrated body can become constipated. 

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