Dry Skin Brushing

The simple technique of dry skin brushing helps remove toxins and waste products from the body via lymphatic drainage.

Using a natural bristle brush, the skin is brushed in a series of long, firm strokes, prompting the body to send waste residues to the lymph for drainage.

It's also invigorating to the skin - increasing blood flow to the capillaries near the surface, while sloughing off dead skin cells.

You can find natural bristle brushes in the bath section of many common drug store chains, and in the popular bath and body stores as well.

I like to use a brush that I can hold in the palm of my hand. I simply removed the handle from a long handled wooden brush. You may prefer to use the long handled bath brush for better ease in reaching the feet and the back.

A dry skin brushing "cheat sheet":

Brush the skin in long sweeping strokes, firm enough to feel good, and to make the skin a little tingly and even slightly pink. But don’t brush so hard that the skin turns bright red.

Do this while the skin is dry, don't do it on wet skin, or with a wet brush.

Avoid any open wounds or sores, and skip the face.

Start with one leg and repeat with the other:

Brush the sole of the foot from toe to heel.

Top of the foot from toe to ankle.

Ankle to knee, covering the circumference of the leg.

Knee to top of the leg, covering the circumference of the leg.

Buttocks up toward the back.

Lower back up toward the kidneys.

Now the arms. Do one, then the other:

Brush the palm from tips of fingers to the elbow.

Brush the top of hand from fingers to the elbow.

Elbows to shoulder, covering circumference of the arm.


Back of shoulders down toward the kidneys.

Brush the stomach up toward the heart.

Gently brush the down the neck.

Gently brush the chest/breasts, in a motion toward the heart, taking care to avoid the nipples.

Women: incorporate the following stroke. Reach one arm across your chest and behind the opposite underarm at chest level and do a sweep with the brush around the side of your torso toward the breast. Be careful to avoid the nipple. Repeat this stroke 10 times on each side.

Repeat the process once more, over the entire body, from start to finish.

You’re done! To the shower with you!

How often should I do dry skin brushing?

Once a day is plenty. I find the best time to do it is right before taking a shower.

Take a break for a few days each month. For women, during menstruation is a good time to take a break. During this time, wash the brush in warm water and allow it to completely dry before using it once again.

You may find gelatinous-looking mucoid material in your stools after the first few days of beginning this practice. That's a good thing! It means the lymph is indeed draining out old residue. Simple and effective. 

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