Cooking With Coconut Oil

Cooking with pure coconut oil is a healthy choice.

Coconut oil is solid at temperatures below 76 degrees Farenheit, and becomes liquid at temps higher than that.

Both forms are perfectly safe to use for cooking.

Coconut oil has a higher heat tolerance than extra virgin olive oil, so its a great choice for sautéing & stir frying.

You can demonstrate this in your own kitchen (although you’ll end up with a smoky room and extra pans to clean).

cooking with coconut oil

If you placed four pans on
the stove:

- one with olive oil,
- one with canola oil,
- one with sesame oil and
- one with coconut oil,

and turned them all on high flame, guess which one would take the longest to start smoking – you guessed right! Coconut oil wins. 

Cooking with coconut oil is an age-old practice. It's one of the safest oils to use for cooking.

Coconut oil has been used for thousands of years by millions of people with nothing but healthy effects. It’s gotten a bad rap in the last 50 years due to mis-informed consumers believing the hype that has been filling the airwaves, mostly promoted by other oil and food industries vying for that all-important dollar.

If you are nervous about consuming an oil rich in saturated fats, like coconut oil, please take a moment to read some information compiled by one of the world’s leading experts on fats by clicking here.

The best form of coconut oil for every day use is pure, virgin coconut oil, also called VCO. It's very stable at room temperature so it has an excellent shelf life. You can cook with it, but I also prefer to add it to my foods after they come off the stove. That way I get more of the beneficial enzymes found in the raw product.

Virgin coconut oil has a fragrant aroma and a subtle coconut flavor. If you don't enjoy the flavor of coconut you can get a refined coconut oil that has no flavor.

I melt virgin coconut oil over steamed vegetables with a pinch of salt, and stir it into soups and stews.

You can add it to baked goods, soups, sauces...

Cooking with coconut oil is a delicious and healthy practice.

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