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Colon cleansing is all the rage, it's "trendy", as funny at that sounds! But there's a reason, right? Most of us living in the modern world do benefit from a cleanse and detox "system reboot" now and then.

You know my mantra by now - a healthy diet filled with fresh vegetables and fruits, pure water, healthy fats and high quality proteins (along with enough rest and good sleep, healthy physical activities, and personal techniques for reducing stress and maintaining emotional balance) is the best way to keep our bodies working properly.

If you're into the idea of a good cleanse here are some ideas to work with.

These recipes and ideas are not made of bulky indigestible fiber and harsh herbal laxatives. 

colon cleanse recipe

Colon Detox Recipe

Colon cleanse teas

Colon cleanse teas are made of herbal combinations which stimulate the body's natural functions of detox and elimination.


Colon Detox Recipe

The Salt Water Flush.

Click the link to read all about what it is and how to do it. All you need is good grey sea salt (or Himalayan salt, or another pure, unrefined salt - not table salt), pure clean water, and a stove to heat the two ingredients into a salty broth.


Colon Detox Recipe

Broths, Soft Cooked and Pureed foods.

When you are having digestive troubles please consider this simple solution. Not so much a colon detox as a way to be kind to your upset colon.

Bone broth or a natural gluten free broth with some added collagen is very soothing and healing to an inflamed or upset gut/digestive system.

The process of soft-cooking and pureeing your foods will put less stress on the digestive system, and allows for easier nutrient uptake.

3 times a day, have a cup of high quality bone broth (or natural gluten free broth with powdered collagen stirred in), followed by a pureed vegetable soup (soft cooked vegetables and greens). You can add starchy vegetables like winter squash, yams or sweet potatoes to your soup to get some good carbohydrates in. Leave them out if you are really struggling with excess yeast. If you get hungry between meals, sip another cup of broth.

When your digestion isn’t up to par, try having this simple diet, for a day or two. Then, gradually reintroduce more solid foods as you like. 


Colon Detox Recipes

Pure Water Enema

This involves nothing more than a home enema kit and pure, clean, non-chlorinated water. If all you have access to is tap water, just boil it for half an hour and let it cool to room temperature before you use it in an enema.

Enemas, when administered improperly, or when done with impure water, can damage the delicate tissues, and can even introduce harmful microorganisms into the intestines. So be sure you know your water source, and take care to use soft, flexible insertion devices to protect your body from harm.

And this comes from someone who had years of IBS symptoms, knew an enema could help, and was so terrified of the idea that I waited almost 6 months from the time I received the kit until I actually did it! 

Immediately following my first enema, the relief I experienced dispersed my fears forever. This is one of the simplest and easiest colon cleanse recipes I can offer. If I can do it, anyone can. : )

But the best news of all is now that I've been eating so well and re-learning proper nutrition and health, the kit just sits in in the back of a cabinet, almost forgotten.

Learn how to do an enema right here. 


Colon Detox Recipes

Psyllium husks are an indigestible fiber, and can be too harsh for some people. They bulk up in your intestines, with the effect of "scrubbing them out". Psyllium husks can cause conspitation instead of a cleansing effect. You must drink plenty of water when you use psyllium. If you are prone to constipation this is not a good choice for you.


Colon Detox Recipes

Flax seeds and chia seeds plump up with a mucilaginous coating when soaked in liquid.  They can provide some extra bulk in the intestines to help move things through. Drink plenty of liquid when using these seeds as part of a colon cleanse.


Colon Detox Recipe

Bentonite, Illite or Montmorillonite, are "edible clays". 

Edible clay, taken internally, also promotes the body’s abilities to cleanse and detox by binding with pathenogenic substances and toxins and carrying them out of the body. Its very helpful for quick relief in cases of food poisoning.

They can also be used externally as a poultice or a bath for cleansing and detoxing, and they comprise the only ingredient, aside from water, for a simple colon cleanse recipe.

For more information on clay and how to use it effectively, as well as some important contraindications to be aware of prior to beginning use, please visit a detailed, comprehensive and fascinating website all about the art of pelotherapy by clicking this link.


What's been your experience wth colon cleansing?  

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