Coconut Recipes

This page will be growing as we add more coconut recipes. I have plenty more up my sleeve...

Do you like to experiment in the kitchen? Do you have some favorites you want to share? Send them in!

There's so many forms of coconut as an ingredient, and each can be used in a wide variety of foods. It may be a vegetable dish using Virgin Coconut Oil "(VCO"), a Thai style soup, a spicy Indian curry, a tasty cookie, or even a rich and creamy non-dairy custard...

coconut recipes

The most natural forms of coconut to use in your recipes include:

- dry shredded coconut (unsweetened, please)
- coconut milk
- coconut cream (like condensed milk, but made from coconut)
- creamed coconut (a delicious raw, spreadable treat)
- coconut flakes (larger pieces of dried coconut)
- coconut oil (get pure, unrefined virgin coconut oil, please)
- and of course, fresh coconut!

How to open a fresh coconut

I usually make at least one coconut dish a day, by simply using Virgin Coconut Oil to sautee onions, melt over steamed vegetables, or to stir into a bowl of soup.

You can drizzle warm coconut oil on popcorn too.

I love eggs & omelets cooked in virgin coconut oil!

If you have a recipe using coconut that you'd like altered to fit more within the guidelines for a candida diet - send it in! We'll do our best to revamp the ingredient list and post the "New and Improved" version here for all to share.

I buy virgin coconut oil in bulk, online, at least a gallon at a time. It's more economical that way, and has a great shelf life.

Take a look at the recipe links below, and check back often, I'll be adding more soon. Here are some of our favorite recipes using coconut! Yum!

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