Chronic Yeast Infection

Chronic Yeast Infection?

The overgrowth of candida yeast creates a range of uncomfortable symptoms, which are also referred to as yeast vulvitis or yeast vaginitis. Itching, burning, inflammation, discharge. How annoying and uncomfortable!

Anyone who gets a yeast infection more than 3 or 4 times a year is suffering from a chronic condition. If this is you, darling you have my sympathies! But you can change it. Let's get you back in balance.

Really, we should get a yeast infection very rarely, if at all, when we're in good health.

And honestly, no matter how many creams or suppositories you use, your body isn't going to truly heal (being able to fend off infections in the first place) until you address the underlying causes.

Creams and suppositories only treat symptoms, and they can clear things up for the time being, but they can't cure a body that's chronically out of balance to begin with.

Why does it happen?

Taking antibiotics, especially multiple courses of them, chronic yeast overgrowth is a common side effect. Using oral contraceptives or steroids also increases your risk factors.

Yeast infections are harder to get under control in anyone with a weakened immune system. Diabetes, low glucose tolerance and insulin resistance are all factors which increase the likelihood of suffering from chronic yeast overgrowth as well.

Your chronic yeast infection might not be yeast at all, but a condition called
Irritant Vulvitis or Irritant Vaginitis

Your doctor should be able to determine whether it's yeast or irritants causing your chronic suffering by performing a simple test.

This condition is marked by itching and burning, sometimes with discharge (sounds just like a yeast infection, doesn't it?).

Anything ending in "-itis" is an inflammation, as in "dermatitis", "arthritis" etc. Irritant vulvitis and irritant vaginitis are caused by chemicals in products such as soaps and body washes, bubble baths, douches, spermicides, lubricants, condoms, creams, and scented sanitary products.

Use only natural products on your body! Avoid chemicals and additives including:

-cetyl alcohol
-sodium laurel sulfate
-propylene glycol
-butylated hydroxyanisol (BHA)
-methyl bezethonium chloride

If you find that you tend to suffer these symptoms when you use drugstore-variety sanitary pads, switch to natural unbleached tampons, or find a very natural non-scented form of pad.

Always let that area of the body air-dry. Wear loose-fitting 100% cotton underwear which allow the skin to breathe and help absorb moisture.

If you don't get relief from an anti candida protocol consider the possibility of some of these irritants causing your discomfort.

Chronic Yeast Infections - what are the symptoms?

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