Candida Drinks and Tea Recipes

In this section you’ll find links to a number of Candida Drinks and Tea Recipes suitable (some even highly beneficial) for a candida cleansing diet.

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One of the most important aspects of a cleansing diet is good, pure, clean water.

Make sure you have a source of clean water, whether it's a local spring (lucky you!), a good filtration system in your plumbing, or even a countertop pitcher style filtering method.

Water is so crucial to our good health, it's worth the extra effort and expense.

Whether you're making the candida cleanse drinks and tea recipes or just sipping a glass of water, a clean source is essential for health and revitalization.

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Delicious Candida Cleanse Drinks & Tea Recipes for Health

Many of these candida drinks and tea recipes use stevia as a sweetener.

There are two ways to make stevia sweetened beverages.

You can brew stevia tea from the dried leaves of the stevia plant, and then add the tea to any of the beverage flavors below, or you can use liquid stevia extract, in the proportions I have given in each recipe

candida drinks and tea recipes

Using stevia tea made from the leaves of the stevia plant is the most natural way to do it.

The leaves are not processed in any way aside from being harvested and dried, as with any other herb, it’s simply an herbal tea.

Liquid stevia extract is a more refined form of sweetener, but very handy when you're short on time and just want a quick tasty beverage!

You can also look for liquid whole leaf stevia extract, a very dark green tincture as opposed to the clear liquid stevia sweetening drops (usually in a base of glycerin). It's definitely not the same flavor profile as other liquid sweeteners such as honey or maple, it has more of a licorice taste, but it can be a helpful  supplement for those with high blood sugar issues.

There are a number of stevia powders on the market, I don't use them, though I understand why  folks like the convenience and ease of taking them 'on the go'. If you do choose to use them then the only ingredients you want to see on the package label are "Inulin Fiber (F.O.S) and Stevia (leaf) Extract".

Avoid powdered blends of maltodextrin (a sugar) and stevia extract, or other sugar/stevia combinations.

Read more about stevia here.

What about Agave Sweetener?

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