Reader Testimonials

Thank you, dear readers, for sharing your stories, your challenges and successes.

"I have been following the Step by Step plan for 6 weeks already. My mood is improved now and my digestion too. I love the soup recipes, and I made grilled vegetables for the first time last weekend - delicious!"
- Nelleke L., Netherlands

"I made the steamed broccoli, brussels and asparagus with the pureed ginger sauce last night for my friends, they were amazed that vegetables could taste so good! Will you be adding more recipes in the future?"
- Korinne J, Montreal, CA

" As a holistic nutritionist I will be referring my clients to this website for the most comprehensive approach to a candida diet I've ever seen."
- Thomas N., USA

"Thanks for answering my questions, I felt comfortable telling you about my symptoms, you really understood what I'm going through. By the way, the articles on bottled water and water filters are great. "
- Jeremy S, USA

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for putting together such a fantastic website."
- Shirley F, USA

"It's incredible that you devote so much time to helping strangers like me feel better without charging any money at all. Bless you."
- Brenda K., USA

"Finally I have found a website about health that is making sense to me. There is so much useful information... I especially like the pages on herbal tonics and the antifungal herbs."
- Joann S., Australia

"I have made almost all of the vegetable recipes - I love them all! When is the cookbook going to be ready?"
- Carlyn B., USA

"I wish I could invite you over for tea. Thank you so much for answering my emails, I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf, I know you must be very busy, it's amazing that you take the time to answer emails."
- Elizabeth J, Devonshire, England

"How long have you been working on this website? I've been struggling with yeast overgrowth for many years in and out of doctors and taken way too many useless medications. I actually feel like I can do something with this plan, thank you!"
- Brian J., UK

"It has been such a long time since I felt well, and this website is already helping me to take control of my own health. Who funds this website? Please tell them thanks from a very grateful 31 year-old single mother of 3."
- Lena in Michigan, USA

You're welcome! And thank you all, too.

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