Should I Get The Best Shower Filter 
or a Whole House Water Filter?

I know some of you have the same questions as me: Is a whole house water filter just going overboard? Isn't getting the best shower filter enough? I already filter my drinking water, isn't that what's really important?

Filtering your drinking water is definitely important if you're using municipal tap water. 

Bottled water is an alternative to filtering your drinking water, but even then, it's important to get a reputable source of bottled water. 

It really depends on your home's water source. 

Anyone on a municipal water system, think about the tap water that comes into your bathroom sink, where you probably brush your teeth and wash your face. 

best shower filter

Then, think about your shower or bathtub. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and it's incredibly porous and permeable. When you soak in a hot shower or bath, your pores open up and your skin itself becomes more absorbent.

One of the main reasons to get a filter for your shower is chlorine. Shower filters are great for reducing the amount of chlorine in your shower water. What's the big deal with chlorine?

Chlorine contributes to dry hair and skin by disrupting the balance of natural oils.

Also, Chlorine gas and chlorine by-products such as Trihalomethanes (THM's), chloroform and other chemicals can vaporize in hot water and create a steam bath of toxic gases. Inhaling these gases on a daily basis may indeed pose long term health risks.

Since the skin is more permeable when it's warm and wet, it's actually possible to absorb more chlorine while taking a shower in unfiltered water then by drinking unfiltered tap water.

I recently saw somewhere that shower filters can use Vitamin C to clean the water. I love that idea! I'll be learning more about the Vitamin C filtration method and when I do, I'll post more here.

I would love to have my whole house is supplied with filtered, clean water. Especially these days, with troubling news about what's showing up in the water more and more frequently. So why not look into whole house water filters too?

I checked out what people are buying:

The best selling shower filter on Amazon is the

CaptainEco 5-Stage Shower Filter with 2 Replacement Cartridges 

Here's what I've assembled so far on water filtration methods and systems.

Do you have experience or an opinion on the best shower filter or whole house water filter? Have you experimented and found your favorite? Please let me know and I'll gladly post your comments here to help others make a good decision.

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