Best Colon Cleanse

The best colon cleanse for one person might not be the best choice for another.

If I could tell my readers which method or product is the best, across the board, I would. But we're all different, with different bodies and different needs.

best colon cleanse

The best advice?

A) Look at your diet and see if you can help your body detoxify naturally by simply including more fresh vegetables, leafy greens (raw and/or cooked), fresh fruits and plenty of clean water.

B) Make sure your digestion and elimination is working well.

If you eat an abundance of vegetables, greens, fruits and are drinking plenty of good water already, and your digestion and elimination is regular and working well,  and you still want a deeper cleanse... I've assembled some good information to get started, but each individual has to eventually discover the best colon cleanse for their particular needs.

First, check out the Squatty Potty.

I know, funny name.

It helps your body get in the squat position when you sit on the toilet. Our bodies  are "designed" to poop in the squat position.

You may find this to be a life changer!

I put a link to this excellent product right here.

It's not expensive.

It tucks away under the toilet. Thousands of rave reviews. Shockingly funny commercial on that page too!

We have one.

I highly recommend it.

Using aloe vera is a gentle way to colon cleanse. The mucilaginous gel of the aloe plant is a natural laxative, soothing to the intestines and helps to detoxify the body.

When I feel like I need a little help detoxing, or feeling run down and maybe on the verge of getting sick, I drink pure aloe vera juice mixed with water a few times a day for a few days. 

Herbal Aloe Force is the brand I use.

To check it out in detail, you can click on the image.

Aloe vera also comes in supplement form too (capsule or tablet), for the colon cleansing effects.

Or, you can use fresh aloe vera gel from your own aloe plant, and mix the gel with water to drink.

There are fibers like those found in flax seeds (which I love) and psyllium husks (which I don't) that increase bulk in the stool, thereby helping to cleanse the colon.

Some people make a homemade combination of psyllium and bentonite clay which used to a popular colon cleanse topic on numerous holistic health sites - often referred to as PB shakes (because you shake the dry ingredients together with water). Years back I tried this concoction, what I experienced for most of the time I took it was feeling pretty uncomfortable!

Psyllium soaks up a lot of water and really bulks up in the intestines, which can exacerbate constipation in some people as it can be difficult to pass. You must also be careful with bentonite clay as some forms of it are reportedly high in aluminum (you don't want to ingest aluminum). Only get bentonite from a reputable source, and make sure they can guarantee its quality and purity.

There are some effective colon cleanse kits you can buy online which come with an herbal tea to stimulate release as well as a fiber blend to move things through. Again, just do your research before making a purchase. Check out a few of them before you buy. If it's all natural with no chemical laxatives you're in the right ball park.

Or, try a colon cleansing tea, you can make your own blend or buy one.

There are simple home colon cleanse methods such as an

enema or a salt water flush .

There's colon hydrotherapy, administered by a professional colonic hydrotherapist therapist. Yes, they exist.

There's the concept of adopting a completely raw foods diet to cleanse the colon (and the entire body). It seems to work great for some people, while causing digestive distress for others.

There are colon cleanse herbs which stimulate bowel activity, which you can get in the form of teas, capsules, tablets and tinctures.

"Once I find the best colon cleanse for my needs, how do I maintain the results once I've completed it?"

A nutrient-dense diet will help keep the colon in good shape. Make sure you take in enough fibrous vegetables and fruits (raw and/or cooked), healthy fats, proteins from healthy clean sources. Old fashioned broths made from the bones of healthy animals are excellent for our internal health. Going light on the caffeine can be helpful too. And don't forget to drink your water!

Regular moderate exercise also helps keep a body "regular".

So what's the best colon cleanse for you? First, don't forget to squat! (see above)

Then, decide if you really need the "extra intervention". Do your own research, check out some of the different products, and make an informed decision based on what sounds right to you.

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