Best Bottled Water Review

Best Bottled Water Reviews

When you're going to spend money on bottled water, you'll want to be sure you're getting the best bottle water your money can buy.

I'd prefer to get my bottled water always in glass bottles as opposed to plastic, but in truth I frequently use plastic bottles along with most everyone else I know. Those handy plastic bottles are everywhere, and some really good water only comes in plastic bottles.

I'm fortunate to live in a town where there is free flowing spring water bubbling up from the underground water tables throughout most of the year. It's a tradition for many people who live in my town to line up at the springs and fill their weekly bottles.

I also use a water purifier on my kitchen tap for cooking, and for drinking during those those times when I run out of spring water.

Best Bottled Water Review

best bottled water review

When shopping for the best bottled water look for one of the following:

Spring Water bottled at the source, Mineral Water bottled at the source, Artesian Water bottled at the source or, in some cases you may benefit from Electrolyte Enhanced Water (this is a specially enhanced water for those of us who are deficient in electrolytes whether due to exercise, excessive sweating or a natural tendency to run low).

In recent years bottled waters with a higher pH level have been popping up too. The idea behind these higher pH waters is to help alkalize our overly acidic bodies; the theory being that most of us are overly acidic due to the foods we eat, environmental toxins, and the physical stresses we encounter on a daily basis.

There's a ton of "Spring water" companies on the market. But unlike Mineral water, which is strictly defined by law, the term "Spring Water" has no set guidelines for classification in the marketplace, so some bottlers can - and do - use sources other than natural springs. Make sure you trust the company before you give them your money.

Best Bottled Water Review

Here are some trusted waters for your consideration, classified into types of water and where they come from. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and they are listed in no particular order. If you have other trusted waters from clean sources for me to add to this list, send them along!

Some of the Best Bold Bubbly Bottled Water
(big lively bubbles):

Saratoga Springs - USA
Perrier - France
Ty Nant - Ireland
Tipperary - UK

Some of the Best Sparkling Bottled Water
(smaller bubbles than "bold bubbly" water)

Gerolsteiner - Germany
Lurisia - Italy
San Pellegrino - Italy
Apollinaris - Germany
Fiuggi - Italy

Some of the Best Effervescent Bottled Water
(smaller bubbles than "bubbly" or "sparkling" water):

Badoit - France
Voss - Norway
Glen Eagles - UK
Highland Spring - UK
Hildon - UK
Lynx - Italy
Ferarrelle - Italy
San Benedetto - Italy
Sanfaustino - Italy

Some of the Best Barely Effervescent Bottled Water
(not quite still, but hardly a hint of bubble at all):

Sole - Italy
Daggio - Italy
Galvanina - Italy
Ramlosa - Sweden

Some of the Best Still Bottled Water
(flat water, no bubbles)

Trinity - US
Mountain Valley - US
Hawaiian Springs - US
Mount Olympus - US
Gota - Argentina
Lauquen - Argentina
Blue Mountains - Australia
Crystal Spring - Australai
Diamond - Australia
Emerald Forest - Australia
Glacier - Australia
Winifred Springs - Australia
Vittel - France
Volvic - France
Evian - France
Fiji - Fiji
Ice Age - Canada
Spa - Belgium
Ice Mist - Sweden
Panna - Italy

Some of the Best Electrolyte Enhanced Bottled Water
(flat water, no bubbles).

Here are three sources I started with years ago, I know there are a bunch more on the market now!

Smart Water by Glaceau - US
Whole Foods 365 - US
Trader Joes - US

I have no details at this time regarding the Best Higher pH Drinking Water (more alkaline) but I do know the EPA warns against drinking too much water outside the range of 6.5 ("harder water" to 8.5 "softer water".

In the higher pH category I do like Evamor artesian water.

Follow this link for more information on electrolytes and electrolyte imbalances.

What about a water filter for the shower? What's a good one to get?

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