Baking With Stevia

Baking with stevia just takes a little experimentation, but you can easily learn to make some stevia recipes that you love.

You may need to play with the amounts a few times before you get it just right, but the results are worth the efforts!

Remember that stevia is very concentrated in the liquid form and the pure extract powder form so you will lose some of the bulk in a recipe that usually calls for granulated sugar, or a liquid sweetener like maple, honey or agave. 

This will require getting creative with other ways to bulk up the recipe again.

baking with stevia

Unsweetened applesauce, canned pumpkin or sweet potato, or almond flour can add the missing bulk of the sugar or liquid sweetener from your original recipe.

You can also try using the pure dried ground stevia leaf.

I have a macaroon recipe, you'll find it, that uses the dried stevia leaf It does turn the cookies green but I still enjoyed them when I was keeping to a very low sugar diet.

When you're baking with Stevia, remember, too little is better than too much.

You might start with replacing part of the original sweetener with the stevia and see how that turns out. Adjust it more next time, until you get proportions that create a pleasing finished product, not only to the eyes but also to the taste buds.

Try using stevia in your baking to turn an old favorite recipe into a new and improved treat. Check out the recipes below for some new ideas.

Also, remember the stevia is a very different kind of "sweet" than sugar, maple, honey, or agave syrup. It "fools" the tastebuds, mimicking the sensation of sweet. When you go overboard with stevia you will know it at the first taste. It can either have a bitter note to it or taste more like an artificial sweetener, you know how they can taste bitter in their own weird way? Stevia can do that too. Start with small amounts.

I hope this helps you in your kitchen experiments.

Have fun, and do let me know if you come up with any winners, I'll be happy to include them here on the site, attributed to the original author, of course : )

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