Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Lose Weight?

Egyptians apparently used apple cider vinegar to lose weight. Some say that it helps detoxify the liver which will aid in weight loss.

Some will claim apple cider vinegar speeds up the metabolism, helping burn extra calories.

I haven’t found any concrete evidence that using apple cider vinegar to lose weight will work wonders. But it is a healthful addition to your kitchen.

There is a difference between raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and the distilled, refined, clear apple cider vinegar on most grocery store shelves. The raw, cloudy version is still loaded with enzymes, which, along with the acidic vinegar solution they’re suspended in, aid digestion. But that is not enough evidence to claim that using apple cider vinegar to lose weight is a sure bet.

A note to anyone who wants to lose weight:
It takes more than apple cider vinegar.

apple cider vinegar to lose weight

My best advice for weight loss is to follow the Diet Guidelines. While not a weight loss "diet", the guidelines I recommend do include apple cider vinegar, by the way! The guidelines are not only beneficial in curing candida overgrowth, they also result in some weight loss for most of the people who adopt their basic principles. Choosing this type of eating plan over a Standard American grain-based Diet  will naturally lead to healthier blood sugar and insulin levels, allowing the metabolism to work more efficiently.

Why do the diet guidelines work if you want to lose weight? Not only do they help you make healthier carbohydrate choices, they also include foods like coconut oil, which has natural fat burning (thermogenic) properties.

Of course, the best advice to lose weight is simply to eat the foods that naturally agree with the body combined with the types of exercise that can help you lose fat. 

Apple cider vinegar is great for many things, and it is a healthy addition to your diet, though I know of no guarantee that it will magically make you lose weight. 

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