Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

A little research reveals a lengthy list of apple cider vinegar health benefits.

Apple cider vinegar and a candida diet.

Throughout history, the health benefits of vinegar
have been documented.
What makes apple cider vinegar special?

As discussed on the apple cider vinegar/candida diet page linked above, apple cider vinegar gets the spotlight because it's the most readily available raw, organic, unpasteurized vinegar on the market. Most vinegars on the grocery store shelf have been pasteurized, distilled and/or filtered. That kills the "good stuff".

If you can find other raw, unpasteurized, organic vinegars by all means enjoy them in your diet. 

Around the world, people have consumed different varieties of vinegar for thousands of years, as a seasoning and a health tonic.

Babylonians fermented the date palm into vinegar as far back as 5000 BC. Egyptian ruins dating back to 3000 BC turn up vessels with vinegar remains in them.

Early Greek and Roman artwork depict vinegar vessels in the scenery.

Hippocrates (5th century BC) mentions the health benefits of using vinegar to treat disease and infection, prescribing it for an overall elixir to balance the body’s natural fluids (potassium, found in ACV, helps cells maintain ideal fluid levels by acting as an electrolyte).

Throughout the millennia, in many global cultures, vinegar has been used as a topical antiseptic, an energizing tonic, a disease prevention tonic, as well as a condiment and flavoring.

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits:
It's more than a condiment!

apple cider vinegar health benefits

Another apple cider vinegar health benefit is that it's loaded with nutrients.

It contains vitamins C, E, A, B1, B2, B6, as well as beta-carotene and bioflavanoids. In addition to its excellent potassium supply, apple cider vinegar also contains trace minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, boron, - all important in the formation and maintenance of strong, dense bone structure. Add sulphur to the list too.

Tannins (also found in tea, coffee and red wine, as well as other fruits and vegetables) are present in apple cider vinegar and are effective antioxidants.

Raw apple cider vinegar is brimming with enzymes. Our bodies produce a finite amount of enzymes naturally, the rest of these powerful little digestive aids must be obtained from the foods we eat. Cooked foods have no enzyme activity. Raw foods contain some enzymes. Raw, fermented foods, like apple cider vinegar are the most bountiful source of enzymes.

More apple cider vinegar health benefits:

Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium - in an ideal dose for the human body. Potassium is an important mineral with many health benefits.

Potassium acts like an electrolyte, which means that in the presence of sodium and chloride, it conducts electricity in the fluids of our bodies. Electrolytes are essential in allowing fluids into your cells and transporting waste products out.

Some enzymes require the presence of potassium in order to perform their functions. Potassium helps relieve muscle cramping, fatigue and heart arythmia. It keeps our soft tissues (internal and external) soft and supple. This is major. It helps prevent hardening of the arteries! Arteries are just one one of the soft tissues in our bodies.

It's been reported that raw apple cider vinegar is good for helping reduce high blood pressure, most likely due to the potassium content, wouldn't you think?

Potassium also helps prevent tooth decay, splitting of fingernails, and hair loss.

Apple cider vinegar health benefits include its ability to return an overly acidic body to a more neutral pH. Apple cider vinegar becomes naturally alkaline in some peoples' bodies, actually helping to counteract hyper-acidity. Pollution, environmental toxins, overconsumption of carbohydrates and refined sugars all contribute to an overly acid constitution.

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits:
Natural Remedies

In addition to the benefits of taking it internally, apple cider vinegar is used topically in a variety of ways including as a natural conditioning hair rinse, a remedy for heartburn, and to naturally treat yeast infections.

For taking it internally as a remedy or a tonic - always dilute vinegar before you eat or drink it. The acids found in vinegar can erode enamel on your teeth, so be sure to dilute - by tossing into a salad or sprinkling over steamed vegetables, or mixing it with water for a health tonic. Just don't take it straight. You can swish some in your mouth to combat oral thrush or other mouth infection, but please remember to rinse your mouth & teeth very well afterwards.

Also, vinegar just doesn't agree with some people, even the glorious apple cider vinegar can be too much for some peoples' constitutions. If taking vinegar gives you a burning stomach or makes you feel too acidic, then it's probably not a good match for your body's chemistry. We're all different. Just because it makes some people feel great, doesn't mean its one of the best foods for everyone.

Remember the famous saying by the Roman healer/philosopher Lucretius, who understood this idea more than 2000 years ago - "one man's food is another man's poison." You may need to experiment with small amounts at first to see how it does for you. Or maybe it's better as a topical application for you, instead of taking it internally.

That said, the health benefits of apple cider vinegar have been proven to many people just by trying it for themselves, whether they have candida overgrowth or not.

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