Candida Cure Recipes Book, Volume 1
is almost finished!

The long-awaited Candida Cure Recipe Book, Volume 1, is nearing completion!

Thanks for all the inquiries and motivation - its been a long project, spanning several years... While at the same time, and more important, it has been and continues to be a true labor of love.

This book is chock full of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks - including sections on beef/lamb/pork, chicken/poultry, fish/seafood, eggs and egg dishes, soups/stews, salads/salad dressings, vegetables, condiments, beverages and more – all designed with specific attention to the candida cure recipe guidelines I outline on the website.

Stay tuned, I’ll be sending out an announcement when it’s ready and will have it available on the website.

Welcome 2008!
Happy New Year to all.

Hello dear reader!

Can you believe its almost the end of January already? Where do the days go?? Thanks to everyone for all of your correspondence over the past year, its an honor and a pleasure to accompany you on your journey to good health.

Speaking of good health. . .

How are you doing? Are you encouraged and motivated? For many, there's an exciting feeling about the start of a New Year, abuzz with the positive power of resolutions to be better and do better.

While some people enjoy the start of a new year and all of its possibilities, others can feel deflated, or discouraged now that the energy of the holidays is behind us once again. Are you overwhelmed, not sure how to get back on track?

As we continue to work and play our way through this winter season, remember that creating and maintaining vibrant health doesn't have to be complicated.

Forget the fad diets. At best, they only provide temporary success for your short-term goals. Forget the “quick fix” pills and powders. Most of them are expensive and don’t really work anyway, or again, might provide short term relief without addressing the root causes of an imbalance.

Five quick tips:
Getting back to the basics of radiant health.

1. Make sure to get plenty of sleep. Between 6 – 9 hours a night is what most people need to maintain proper cortisol and insulin levels, and good energy during the day. More or less than that and we see imbalances occur.

2. Stay hydrated. Indoor heating can really suck the moisture out of us! Instead of plain water, try a Lemon-Sea Salt Sipper for replenishing electrolytes, or an Apple Cider Sipper for another tasty drink that’s also better than plain water. You’ll find the recipes below, they’re also on the website.

3. Feed your body, mind and soul on a consistent basis – whether its scheduling a day off from work, learning a foreign language, getting a massage, or taking a dance class. The more you focus on nourishment from the inside-out, the less you will turn to food to fill you emotionally.

4. Eat a rainbow of foods (reds, purples, oranges, greens, etc.) to help naturally maintain nutritional balance. Get some good greens in with my Green Power Soup, you’ll find the recipe below. Its also included in the upcoming recipe book.

5. Whatever you eat, choose the highest quality food possible. When you start with amazing ingredients, you get amazing results - not only in taste, but in nutritional "bang for the buck" as well.

Above all, its important to listen to what your body needs.

More sleep? More water? A massage? More laughter? More exercise? Less? Maybe a different type of exercise more suited to you? With patience and over time, you'll start to understand the messages your body sends you.

Keep in mind that while we’re the same in many ways, our bodies are all unique, so what works for one person may not work for another. Lifestyle, ancestry, blood type, constitution, and other factors all play a role in creating your own customized wellness plan. Nobody knows you better than you, so take the time to listen to your own inner wisdom.

And if you need inspiration, drop me a line. I’ll help you figure it out.

Eat well, be well, and enjoy the recipes.

~ Susan
Green Power Soup
Serves 4 – 6 as a starter

1 small leek – washed well and sliced into ½ inch slices
1 large zucchini – cut into ½ inch slices
2 cups broccoli florettes
2 cup chopped asparagus
1 cup tightly packed chopped kale or collard leaves, or spinach
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
5 cups homemade chicken stock, vegetable stock, or water
2 tablespoons butter or coconut oil
good grey sea salt to taste

Put all the ingredients except the butter or oil, and salt, in a pot. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer until vegetables are tender, and bright in color, but not overcooked (about 5 minutes). Puree soup in small batches in a blender, adding the butter or coconut oil as you puree. Returning the pureed soup to the pot. Taste and add sea salt to your liking. Serve soup warm and enjoy. I love it with a dash of cayenne stirred in.

Note – adding butter or coconut oil to the vegetable soup actually makes all those fat-soluble vitamins in the veggies much easier for our bodies to absorb! It also makes vegetables very appetizing to kids.

Other vegetables to add to the mix – cauliflower, onion, celery, green beans, kohlrabi, celeriac, chard, sorrell, turnips, cabbage, daikon radish - just about any combination is delicious. _________________________________________________________________
Lemon Sea Salt Sipper

The combination of fresh lemon or lime juice and sea salt forms a powerful tonic that aids digestion, helps your body detoxify, as well as helps to pull nutrients from the foods we eat for better absorption.

Have one about 15 minutes before a meal, or any time you need a little "pick me up".

¾ cup pure, clean water (about 6 oz)
1 - 2 tablespoons fresh lemon or lime juice
¼ teaspoon good grey sea salt
a few drops of liquid stevia extract to taste (optional)

Mix it all together in a glass until the sea salt is dissolved and sip slowly. _________________________________________________________________
Sweet Tart Cider Sipper

Formerly known as The Apple Cider Vinegar Drink. I think this name is more appealing, and does better to describe the taste. This is a great little drink to help aid digestion, as well as helping to control excess candida yeast growth in the intestines. I love the sweet-tart flavor!

Try sipping one about 15 minutes before you have a meal.

½ cup pure, clean water
½ cup brewed stevia leaf tea
1 teaspoon raw apple cider vinegar

or use 1 cup water
1 teaspoon raw apple cider vinegar
and 3-4 drops liquid stevia extract)

Mix everything together, pour into a glass and enjoy at room temperature, sipping slowly.

Makes 1 large or 2 small servings.