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 Natural Candida Cure = A Healthy Lifestyle

Looking for a natural candida cure? Or just some more healthy, real food recipes? Here you'll find advice that helps you feel better, and cook better, naturally.

  • Get tips and resources for grocery shopping, menu planning, kitchen equipment, and natural body products.
  • Learn about the foods that sustain a healthy body (you might be surprised).
  • Discover supportive herbs, essential oils, healthy home and body products, supplements and natural antifungals.
  • Explore some natural detox options if you want that extra "kick".
  • And, or course, check out the recipes. Yum, right? This is good food.

When I started this website in 2006, it was a place to put all the information I'd been gathering in response to what my clients and online health forum participants (whom I affectionately called our "candida banditos") were asking about or interested in. 

A number of them had been put on candida cure diet protocols by their nutritionists or naturopaths. We experimented with the recommendations and got some good results. We tweaked and tinkered, and got better results. 

Most of the other candida programs at that time recommended foods that sound healthy in theory but, in my opinion, are not. Some candida programs only focus on fixing certain symptoms without considering how the whole body works. That's why this website was born, and why I come back and update my thoughts and recommendations as I'm always learning more.

Ten years and tens of thousands of visitors later, here we are. Still eating. Still learning! It's been an inspiring decade in the world of nutrition and diet. Ideas that used to be "fringe" are becoming more mainstream. So happy am I! The guidelines I present here aren't quite so WEIRD anymore ; )

These are all guidelines for your consideration. What works for me may not be perfect for you. But the information gathered here can help anyone make solid choices.

Nourish yourself with real food. Keep candida in check, give that immune system a boost, throw in a little extra cleanse or detox if you're so inclined. You'll feel better. It’s as simple as that. A holistic candida cure that really works.

Call this a "candida diet, or a "guide to a healthy longterm lifestyle". As long as you're inspired to make better choices for yourself and your loved ones then we're on the right track.

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Welcome aboard! 

~ Susan

How do I find the time to put this information together and share it all for free? 
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