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The Natural Candida Cure Website

Looking for a natural candida cure? This website puts the power of healing back into your own hands. Here you'll find candida cure advice that helps you feel better naturally.

Discover tips and natural products that boost the immune system.

Learn about supportive herbs and natural antifungals.

Find some natural detox options that work for you.

And... check out the recipes. Yum, right? This is good food.

Keep candida in check, cleanse and detox, give that immune system a boost, nourish yourself. You'll feel better. It’s as simple as that. A holistic candida cure that really works.

My name is Susan, I’m a chef specializing in natural, wholesome foods since 1994. When I'm not preparing meals for my personal chef clients, I teach a variety of cooking classes and cater workshops and retreats. In my not-so-spare time I'm a tireless reader and information gatherer on natural health!

I began developing the candida cure recipes site, also adding information on natural remedies, natural detox and general holistic lifestyle advice, in April of 2004, when I'd first connected my own symptoms with the possibility of candida overgrowth. I dug through numerous websites and books, consulted some ‘experts’, participated in and moderated various forums and discussion groups.

Along the way I've encountered some quacks and some very wise people. I've met a number of folks who have been good teachers to me -- people who were out there before me, spreading the word about natural health options -- those which may go against the conventional teachings in the main-stream media and medical professions. I've learned a lot in the past 14 years, and continue learning today.

I was a WAPF Chapter leader before it was "trendy" to promote raw dairy and grass fed meats. I was dabbling with paleo eating before paleo was "a thing". Update 2017 - I am PSYCHED it has become a thing! I see so many people getting such great health results adapting more of these recommendations into their menus. I have gone off and on with eating paleo through the years, but I always come back to it because I just feel better when I eat that way.

The good news for you, dear reader, is that when it comes to the common question "what can I eat??", I've learned what works for me and many of my clients - what gets results - which is what you will find here.

"Candida" is still a hot button, all these years later. There's the debate as to whether or not candida overgrowth causes people to experience symptoms of disease. And another debate continues about which foods are really the healthiest choices to regain balance when candida yeast is out of control. I'm no scientist and I'm not a doctor. But I do know that I've seen a lot of people feel a whole lot better when they follow this advice to overcome candida. The proof is in the pudding, as the old saying goes.

Many of the other candida programs out there fall short, recommending nothing but a severe diet that is way too restrictive, or foods that sound healthy in theory but in truth, are not. Some candida programs only focus on fixing certain symptoms without considering how the whole body works. That's why this website was born, and why I'll come back to it frequently, updating my thoughts and recommendations.

Keep in mind that these are all guidelines for your consideration. What works for me may not be perfect for you. But the overall theories presented herein can help anyone make good choices to naturally support a healthy immune system.

So, we can call this site "candida cure recipes" or "natural immune support" or even "common sense health information".

And we can call this a "candida cure program", or a "natural detox diet" or a "guide to natural remedies". As long as you're inspired to make healthy choices for yourself and your loved ones then we're on the right track.

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Welcome aboard! 

~ Susan